We understand the frustration of never-ending fees and cost overruns on engagements. That is why we provide fixed-priced solutions that deliver value without breaking the budget.  Our planning services are priced as shown here.  Please contact us for pricing for other services.

Plan Matrix.PNG

¹ Mid-Year Reviews are priced on each plan being reviewed.

² Two Plan-at-a-Glance posters included in the deliverables.  Additional copies are available at an additional cost.

All standard fees are based on a remote approach to the planning process and includes up to 10 participants from the client organization.  If the organization wishes to conduct in-person planning, or include more than 10 participants, custom rates will be provided.

"This planning engagement led us to define and execute initiatives I don’t think we would have identified had we not gone through this process. It involved all the right people, picked up on all our key issues, did a great job of identifying our goals and activities to achieve them, and provided us with a matrix that we are using to track our progress.  It was an enjoyable process, and one we will be sure to use every year."

Paul L, CFO