At BizPlans, we are experienced business leaders, not just consultants.  We have helped companies overcome challenges that many thought couldn’t be solved.  In many cases, the financial performance of the company, or the support of a key department, fell vastly short of what was needed.  In some cases, there were severe operational issues, and in other cases customer service was deficient to the point where regulators demanded action.  Whether the challenges were on an organizational or departmental basis, the implementation of a targeted and actionable plan not only solved these challenges, but in many cases drove the business to exceed the performance of its peers.

Brian Wegner
Founder and Principal
(317) 903 - 7006

Brian is the founder of BizPlans, and is an experienced and successful C-level executive.  He has led turnarounds of entire companies from significant financial losses to profitability.  He has turned I/T organizations that were perceived by business partners as ineffective and expensive, into assets that became highly respected by those individuals. Brian has led the improvement of customer service operations from service levels that drew the attention of regulators, to achieve industry-leading service levels, while also reducing expenses.  Brian’s successes always began with a plan, and his vision is to help you achieve similar results through an effective and affordable plan.